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Soil & Plant Analysis and Advisory Centre

Soil & Plant Analysis and Advisory Centre

Vegetable & Fruit Promotion Council has full fledged Soil and Plant analysis laboratories at Thuravoor, in Alappuzha district  and at Thiruvali in Malappuram district. These laboratories are well equipped to carry out soil analysis for agricultural purpose. Both the laboratories have most modern sophisticated instruments for the analysis of soil sample. We also provide facilities such as assessment of water quality for irrigation and leaf analysis of different crops.

The following chemical analysis are carried out as part of soil fertility analysis

1.       Soil pH
2.       Soil salinity ( EC)
3.       Organic carbon ( Nitrogen content )
4.       Available phosphorus
5.       Available potassium
6.       Secondary nutrients Ca, Mg, S
7.       Micronutrients Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B

Our laboratories provide facilities for accurate analysis of primary, secondary & micronutrient element present in soil sample collected from farmers and Soil Health Cards are distributed to farmers.

Soil & plant ana...

Soil & plant ana...

മണ്ണ് പരിശോധന


We provide soil analysis and advisory services Click here for more information..

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