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Books & Publications

Publication plays an important role in agriculture sector. No doubt Farmers are being advised through training camps, exposure visit and Mass media activities like radio and T.V. programs. But still the literature/publication has its own significance for Farmers as well as for Extension Functionaries for disseminating the new technology among the Masses. 

VFPCK publishes 'KRISHIYANKANAM'  a bi-monthly Malayalam publication covering fruit and vegetable sector.   VFPCK publishes many other books related to vegetable cultivation.

For publications contact: 0484 - 2881333

Krishiyankanam (Oct-...

Krishiyankanam (Oct-...



Krishiankanam is a bi-monthly Malayalam publication covering fruit and vegetable sector, provides information on package of practices and other production information on fruits and vegetables, success stories, major interventions etc. Each issue covers a specific topic connected to commercial cultiv..

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