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Value Added Products

VFPCK has the objective to facilitate SHGs to undertake activities on small scale processing of fruits and vegetables with a focus on women SHGs.   

During the peak time of harvest, banana farmers are facing market glut and price fall. Value addition of banana helps to tide over this crisis. Processed banana is nutritious and ensures a shelf life of 6 months. Also Farmers can get better price through value added products. For tapping this opportunity VFPCK has initiated a ripened dehydrated banana unit at Parathode, near Kanjirappilly in Kottayam district during the financial year 2015-16.   Presently dehydrated ripened banana & dehydrated ripened pineapple with sugar coated are produced and started marketing under the brand name ‘Thalir”.

Ripened Banana (Dehy...

Ripened Banana (Dehy...

Ripened Banana (Dehydrated) (100 g)


Ripened Banana (Dehydrated) (100 g)..

Ripened Pineapple (D...
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